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Our Spring Retreat


FROM 16/17 MARCH UNTIL 26/27 MARCH 2023


A message from Dr Meuschel

Together with our wonderful team of specialists we will be returning to Es Racó De’Artà in March for our next More Than Health Retreat. We have optimised the time-frame and fine-tuned the program for 2023.

This intense program is not meant to simply address your current issues; it is to evaluate your state of health, incorporate all aspects of your whole being and establish a tailor-made plan in order to optimise your future health and well being. We will provide all the ingredients to substantially improve health and vitality. Your part is to engage in the process, embrace the change and commit to taking all your new resources away with you and work with them.

Immerse yourself in ten days of dedicated therapies, individually customised for you. A perfect synergy of natural and state-of-the-art medicine. Open yourself and engage with new possibilities.


Re-calibrate the body with Dr Franziska Meuschel

Fasting and detoxification to stimulate regeneration. 

Daily evaluation and testing to optimise body function. 

Instigate complete body healing.  

Condition new pathways for health.

Re-generate the mind with Gaylin Tudhope

Reset your Autonomic Nervous System. 

Clear stress and release energy.

Release blockages - mental and physical. 

Become inspired.

Re-source the self with Dr Peter Gruenewald

Discover Adaptive Resilience to meet any challenge.

Remember what it is to feel rested and capable. 

Reset your brain and body health with great sleep habits. 

Re-connect with nature with Kay Willis 

Bathe in the pure beauty of the setting. 

Let yourself by guided by the sensations. 

Internalise the peace you find there. 

Awaken the pleasures of the senses.

Re-tain your new self with Sammy Scott

Let the new habits change you.

Embrace a new beginning.

Enjoy renewed vitality and clarity.

Let the team support you on your return.

The retreat provides the ground work and basis for long-lasting, deep-acting health benefits. Seasonal Medicine and the team at More Than Health will provide you with the resources you need to sustain your progress and reach your goals.

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Retreat Program

Initial medical consultation with Dr Franziska Meuschel


Final consultation and overseeing of aftercare program with Dr Franziska Meuschel


Daily manual abdominal treatments overseen by Dr Franziska Meuschel


Daily medical review and consultation of individual diet, detoxification support and treatment plan


Nutritional counselling, orthomolecular medicine and micro-immunotherapy


Daily monitoring, evaluation and consultation of parameters, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate and heart rate variability


Daily lymphatic drainage, part or full body wellness massage including Watsu and Thai massages with specialist therapists


Additional tailored treatments as needed including osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, thalassotherapy, psychotherapy, sleep training and homeopathy


Daily hydrotherapy, detoxification support and liver wraps


Daily group activities: guided walk, Yoga session and deep relaxation meditation


Participation in therapeutic workshops: arts, crafts and gardening


Minimum of two external excursions


Course of Autogenic Training – based on daily group sessions with the first four core elements of Autogenic Training


Plus additional one-to-one sessions with Life Span psychologist and psychotherapist Gaylin Tudhope


Course of Adaptive Resilience with Dr Peter Gruenewald – based on group sessions with introduction to core techniques of physiology and psychology of stress and resilience


Plus a one-to-one session in Leadership Training or Coherence Training with Specialist Physician Dr Peter Gruenewald


Essential Information


16th or 17th March 2023  

Check-in 12:00 to 15:00


26th or 27th March 2023

Check-out by 11:00


Maximum 10 nights

Minimum 8 nights


Suite or villa in the 5 star resort Es Racó d’Artà



Full board


£1,176 (GBP) per night pp

Non-participating spouses welcome


Accommodation, food & beverages, retreat program,concierge service, 24 hour doctor

on call


Flights, additional medical treatment,

medicines or external referrals


Medical Director: Dr Franziska Meuschel

Retreat Psychologist: Gaylin Tudhope

Retreat Specialist Physician: Dr Peter Gruenewald

Retreat Therapist: Kay Willis

Retreat Osteopath: Annie Khenian

Retreat Health Coach: Sammy Scott

Retreat Organisation / Logistics: DT


Patients will have comprehensive blood tests

and full assessesment prior to the retreat by:

Dr Franziska Meuschel

Functional Medicine and Nutrition assessment

Gaylin Tudhope

Psychological assessment or

Dr Peter Gruenewald

Autonomic Nervous System and Resilience assessment



Patients will be enrolled in an aftercare program with the Retreat team members to ensure the changes can be sustained



By invitation only


Guests and Spouses

If you have chosen to bring a spouse, family member or friend with you on our More Than Health Retreat we are sure they are going to enjoy a very peaceful, calming restorative time within the beautiful and exclusive setting of Es Racó d´Artà.

We would like to give your guests an authentic experience of a More Than Health Retreat at Es Racó – therefore they have access to everything other than the actual fasting and tailored medical treatments. We include wellness treatments e.g. massages, depending on the availability during their stay as well as the other daily scheduled activities such as yoga or guided walks etc. We will also do our best to arrange at least one taster appointment with one of our medical team per guest.


For your spouse, family members or friends who would like to experience the exclusive feeling of Es Racó during our retreat the following is included:

Shared accommodation.

Food – breakfast and lunch for one Retreat guest. Dinner, à la carte: three choices of organic, local, seasonal foods catering for a variety of different diets.

Full use of Es Racó facilities and services to relax and unwind including the spa with indoor as well as outdoor infinity pool, sauna and steam room. Es Racó has a Watsu pool and specialist therapist. Watsu treatments are available for spouse at extra cost.

Free participation in all daily group activities e.g. guided walks, Yoga, Meditation or specialist workshops (workshops subject to availability).

One wellness treatment per day e.g. part or full body massage.

30 minute complementary appointment ‘taster session’ with one of the medical team (subject to availability on the day) for general advice. Please note: for insurance reasons no individual advice, recommendation or prescription can be given - however general advice and, where applicable, guidance on how to access local services etc will be available.

Use of concierge services at Es Racó.

Your personal retreat journey

Whilst we are really happy you have chosen to share your time at Es Racó with a friend, spouse or family member, we are mindful that it should not distract you too much from your own Retreat journey. During this Retreat More Than Health have exclusivity of the Es Racó resort, and the catering is tailored to those clients who are on the Retreat program. It is important to remember that fasting is central to our treatment and, even though fasting at More Than Health means three meals per day, they are very small meals eaten with a specific routine. Typically they include small amounts of protein, little carbs and vegetables, lots of healthy soups and broths, and certainly no three-course dinners.

Your Retreat guests will be offered the same breakfast and lunch as the Retreat clients. In the evening they can eat à la carte with three choices of meals including paleo, keto, vegetarian and vegan options. We have a wonderful chef who can cater for specialised diets eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar or diets low in lectins or histamine.


NB: If you have any specific food allergies, please let us know a few days in advance.

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