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Our Spring Retreat is currently taking place until 27 March in Mallorca. Details of our Autumn 2023 Retreat will be available soon.

Set in the beautiful Es Racó d'Artà Resort in Mallorca, and led by leading nutritional and environmental medical specialist Dr Franziska Meuschel, More Than Health offers a new dimension in therapeutic medical retreats.

Firmly embedded in our seasonal health concept, we run retreats in March and October to align with the changing seasons.

Focus on your health in this natural, exclusive resort and bathe in its tranquillity while establishing sustainable practices for your long-term health.


Our unique programme stands apart from other medical health retreats in several ways. Firstly we include a pre-retreat consultation to ensure that your program is ready from the first day of the retreat.  

Secondly, we don’t restrict the selection or number of treatments provided. You will have daily consultations and our medical team will adapt your treatments based on your individual needs and on the wide range of combined treatment choices that we have to offer. Since Dr Meuschel was trained in naturopathy before studying medicine, she will always look for the most gentle and efficient approach she considers to be most beneficial for you. 


During your stay the whole team is present, which means you have not only access to Dr Meuschel, specialising in Functional Medicine, Metabolic Health and Fasting but also to Life Span psychology, Management training, Naturopathy, Sleep Medicine,  Autogenic Training, Cranio-sacral and classic Osteopathy, Resilience Training and Mindfulness, Relationship counselling and Addiction support and more, all tailored to your individual needs.


Our retreats are truly exclusive. The entire resort is reserved for our retreat guests and their spouses only, allowing our guests to concentrate on their health, while enjoying the surroundings of a 5-star resort set in the space and tranquillity of a national park.


Finally, we also include up to six-weeks aftercare to help you maintain the healthy practices established during the retreat. You will have access to the same team during that time and will also be given the option to become a More Than Health member which gives you access to the support of the specialist team on an ongoing basis.

Retreats usually last 8 to 10 days, stays of under 8 days are not recommended. Bring your family and friends (they do not need to participate in the treatments) and share the rejuvenating experience at Es Racó in Mallorca.

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Pre-retreat consultation and preparations with Dr Franziska Meuschel

Initial consultation at the retreat with Dr Meuschel and the retreat healthcare specialists.

A strictly individualized approach to diet from full fasting to F.X.Mayr or vegan or ketogenic options depending on your individual needs. 

Daily review of diet, digestion, blood sugar, pH, detoxification support, sleep and autonomic nervous system activity.

Daily physical treatments, including abdominal treatment according to F.X. Mayr to tone and stimulate the gut, facilitating digestive health or osteopathy or lymphatic drainage or full or part body massage.

Daily choice of tailored treatments according to clients' needs including: Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine, Micro-immunotherapy, Life Span Psychology, Management Training, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Sleep Training, Cranio-sacral and classic Osteopathy, Resilience Training and Mindfulness, Relationship Counselling and Addiction Support, Pain Management, Sleep Training and more.

Autogenic Training – based on daily group sessions with the first four core elements of Autogenic Training. Plus, additional one-to-one session with Life Span psychologist and psychotherapist Gaylin Tudhope

Adaptive Resilience with Dr Peter Gruenewald – based on group sessions with an introduction to core techniques of physiology and psychology of stress and resilience. Plus one additional one-to-one session in Leadership Training or Coherence Training.

 Further daily group activities – guided morning walks, Yoga sessions and Mindfulness activities.

 Full use of Es Racó's 5-star exclusive relaxation and environmental activity program.

 ​Up to 6 weeks aftercare program to support sustainable practice.

Our Spring Retreat is currently taking place in Mallorca. To receive details of our next Retreat in Autumn 2023 email or complete our contact form.



Clients at the retreat will be able to choose from the range of accommodation available at this beautiful resort to suit their needs. 


The layout of the resort promotes space, tranquillity and peace. You can choose one of the suites in the central Finca with your own private terrace, alternatively immerse yourself in the calm and silence of the forest in one of the beautiful casitas – some with private pools.


You could also choose to be more independent in the rustic and beautifully designed two-bedroom house with its own private pool, or for the ultimate in privacy, book the private estate located just one minute from the resort – this idyllic place will allow you to be with those you love and find a more private connection, surrounded by peace and quiet and warm and natural materials.




While fasting may be part of the program – eating delicious, nutritious and beautifully prepared meals is also part of the retreat experience. Our program will make eating a sensory and pleasurable experience – maximising the nutritional benefits from your food while promoting healthy digestion. 


Our program is flexible and will work with your preferences and requirements in different ways. The outstanding chefs at Es Racó will prepare menus that are tailored for our clients, changing elements to meet their varying dietary preferences. The food is outstanding and prepared in the most sensitive and simple way using the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Photos on this page are courtesy of Es Racó D'Arta Mallorca.

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