"Health is a priceless wealth. Invest while you can."




The More Than Health approach is a personalised, subscription-based service with a focus on illness prevention and lifestyle changes.

Our bodies function in synchronicity with the natural cycle of the seasons which is why we offer a 12-month subscription period. By working respectfully with these seasonal rhythms, we can provide you with a unique health program, designed to optimise health, vitality and maintain well-being long into the future. 


The services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of international specialists, which can support clients in all areas of their lives – from the physical, mental, and emotional to the professional.

The subscription model brings additional commitment from patients and therapists. It allows clients to achieve and sustain their health goals and for the team to build a solid evidence base for our treatment outcomes.

Depending on the level of subscription, clients will have access to a part of or all members of the More Than Health team throughout the year. The appointments with the different team members are scheduled at set intervals in line with the change of the seasons and according to the individual requirements of each client.

For patients who attended one of our retreats and who do not need the intense support of the subscription we also offer an ongoing membership level – please feel free to inquire at wecare@morethanhealth.com or call +44 (0)7855 033978.



The subscription starts following an Entry Assessment to identify possible genetic predispositions and risk factors, to establish your current state of health and agree on a set of realistic health goals and corresponding markers to monitor progress at defined test intervals.


The subscription consists of:

Access to More Than Health IT platform and ongoing email support by the More Than Health Team.

Access to data from a portable device measuring HRV, HR, temperature, sleep cycles and exercise levels.​

Access to a range of customised health apps including Autogenic Training and Resilience Training.  

Monthly check-in with a member of the More Than Health Team including review of the data from health tracker​.

Monthly team meeting with review of each client’s progress, so that issues arising can be dealt with instantly. 

Seasonal appointment with a full review of client’s metabolic health, progress and program. 

Biannual review with Dr Meuschel in combination with a set of diagnostic tests.

Biannual review with Dr Meuschel in combination with a set of diagnostic tests typically including haematology and metabolic markers, a nutritional assessment and review of the immune function (typically 60 mins face-to-face plus 30 mins preparing summary and protocol). 

For further details about the subscription levels, costs and availability call us on +44 (0)7855 033978 or download this pdf.


This level of subscription offers bespoke solutions where patients have the need for support beyond what is offered in the Seasonal Health Subscription, for example extended team support or range of tests and diagnostics.

Includes all items listed in the annual SEASONAL MEDICINE subscription and the following:

Following the initial consultation with Gaylin Tudhope there will be four further sessions for Autogenic Training (AT) or bespoke psychological support, for example Life-Stage Interventions, CBT or relationship or addiction support.

Following the initial consultation with Dr Peter Gruenewald there will be four further sessions for Heart Rate Variability Assessments (HRV), Sleep or Resilience training and Leadership Development programs.

Guaranteed access to further add-on packages with any of the More Than Health Team members at subscription rates.

Guaranteed access to a two-week health retreat with Dr Meuschel and the More Than Health team at Es Racó in Mallorca or an alternative five-star location. The cost for the retreat is not included. This subscription level simply guarantees clients their yearly access to a retreat. Due to the exclusive nature of the retreats the number of patients with access to this level is limited (maximum 20 patients per retreat).

Further referrals including for age-related prevention e.g. colonoscopy, DEXA scans or gynaecological assessment where appropriate. 


For further details about the subscription levels, costs and availability call us on +44 (0)7855 033978 or download this pdf.


For further details about the subscription levels, costs and availability

Email: wecare@morethanhealth.com  Tel:+44 (0)7855 033978 or download the pdf below.